Open sourcing ideas.

Has anyone ever considered the concept of open sourcing ideas? I mean, we obviously have open source software, and a lot of open sourcing of artist created assets. I realise there is a license issue, but I imagine a github like page for ideas. For the sake of this lets assume it's software related ideas.

People could submit an idea, and 'license' it open-source. Then anyone could just use the idea, attributing it back to the person with the idea. I realise the folly in this in that people could "close source" all ideas and the world would suck. Well I guess that already exists, it's called software patents. Argh.

Basically there are days when I want to do something cool, but I don't actually have an idea for something cool. On other days I have ideas for something cool that I don't have the desire / time / resources to implement, but would be happy to give the idea to someone else to implement.

Oh well, a pipe dream.


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