For my next trick, I will harness the POWER OF THE SUN!

In my previous  blog post , I talked about finding a job with a positive impact on the world.  Well, I'm happy to say that on Monday, February 14th, 2022, I will be starting at Sunpower  as the Principal Software Architect(Titles/shmitles, I'll be the most senior IC).  Sunpower is a company going through a pretty significant transition since 2020. They spun off their solar panel manufacturing , then the long-time CEO stepped down  and was replaced by a new CEO Peter Faricy. The New CEO has pushed the company closer towards a residential strategy, and just this week, Sunpower announced it would sell the commercial and industrial business . Additionally, Sunpower has an aggressive plan  to get solar into the hands of historically marginalized communities, and the program includes a strong mandate on D&I. I am very excited to be joining a company going through a transition like this. Additionally, I am more excited to join a company that announces "MW Recognized" in

And what's a decade it's been.

  A decade ago, I started at Twitch, and now my time here is ending. It has been an incredible ten years. Twitch has become a "large" company, and I find myself, after ten years wanting something different, something smaller, something like Twitch was in 2011 when I joined. I leave on a high note and will miss the most incredible job I have ever had. In my time at Twitch, I have accomplished much. I joined to write our Broadcast SDK. I wrote the system that until recently powered in-game drops, I rewrote our big-data pipeline (including writing  Kinsumer ), I collected two carrots and much more. My most significant achievement, and probably the thing I am proudest of in my career, is founding the Safety Product (now Community Health) org at Twitch. I was the first employee, and I leave it four teams strong with many engineers, product managers, data people, applied scientists and more. Safety is something we care a lot about at Twitch, and I'm happy to have had some impac

Open sourcing ideas.

Has anyone ever considered the concept of open sourcing ideas? I mean, we obviously have open source software, and a lot of open sourcing of artist created assets. I realise there is a license issue, but I imagine a github like page for ideas. For the sake of this lets assume it's software related ideas. People could submit an idea, and 'license' it open-source. Then anyone could just use the idea, attributing it back to the person with the idea. I realise the folly in this in that people could "close source" all ideas and the world would suck. Well I guess that already exists, it's called software patents. Argh. Basically there are days when I want to do something cool, but I don't actually have an idea for something cool. On other days I have ideas for something cool that I don't have the desire / time / resources to implement, but would be happy to give the idea to someone else to implement. Oh well, a pipe dream.

Zero tolerance

Last week at the gdc I noticed two themes. The first was "how to make money in your game by fucking your players over", the other was a pretty strong push against sexism, racism, misogyny, etc. In one of the better sessions the talker called for zero tolerance in games. The game I play the most is valve's amazing dota 2 . It's a very hard team game and people get very emotional in the game, which turns to the typical gay bashing, sexist and racist outbursts from players. Most of the time if it is not directed at me I used to just ignore it, but no more. As a community, industry and most importantly as human beings we need to put a stop to this. Valve have an excellent reporting system and from now on I plan on reporting anyone using racist, sexist, queer-ist and other bigoted language. Everyone. Zero tolerance. Additionally I am going to point out to people that they are being douche-bags. I doubt the latter will work but maybe if everyone did it then it would hel

Not everyone needs to have a job.

I have been thinking a lot about the  Swiss Unconditional Income  idea and this post is a dump of my thoughts on the subject, hopefully when all put together will make a cohesive overview of where I stand. In the world we live in, having a job is one of the most important things you should do if you wish to sustain yourself alive, this is emphasized with  every   politician  talking about job creation as the solution to every problem. Why are pipelines in BC a good idea? J obs . Why are the oil sands good for Canada? Jobs . How do you encourage growth in the USA?  Jobs . Why do rich people get tax breaks, because they create Jobs  (well that's the excuse anyway). The question is, is this really true? How do we define a job? I define it (for the purpose of this post at least) as the way you generate money to buy the necessities (and possibly more) of life. So we (most of us) don't have a choice, we either work or we don't have a roof over our heads, food, not to mention

Keyboard shortcuts in the / video player.

In the future I hope will have a changes page and I can post this there, but until then I will post minor changes I make. About a week ago I added keyboard shortcuts to the players, please note you have to have the player focused (click on it), and the shortcuts will not work in fullscreen mode (flash's fault). Up/Down - Volume change Page Down - Mute Page Up - Un-Mute Control- P - Popout Control-F - Fullscreen If anyone has ideas for keys, feel free to tell me.

Big change in the Magic: The Gathering metagame

I don't often write a lot about Magic: The Gathering but I had a thought that I can't express in 140 characters. Has there ever been such a huge change in a metagame as we are seeing in both extended and standard right now? The reasons for Extended are easy, wizards have changed what Extended means so this is clear to everyone, but  I'm not sure if people have considered how standard is about to change. Historically when we had a rotation the new set was too small to have any big synergy and people were also just getting used to the previous block. Additionally the core set used to stick around a lot longer. This time everything is different. We have a set with a (seemingly) very high amount of good cards. The core set is rotating with M10 rotating out. All the tier 1 (with the possible exception of turbo-land) losing everything, from sovereigns to bloodbraid elves. And with RoE being a somewhat stand alone set, the Zendikar block is not significantly bigger to domina