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And what's a decade it's been.

  A decade ago, I started at Twitch, and now my time here is ending. It has been an incredible ten years. Twitch has become a "large" company, and I find myself, after ten years wanting something different, something smaller, something like Twitch was in 2011 when I joined. I leave on a high note and will miss the most incredible job I have ever had. In my time at Twitch, I have accomplished much. I joined to write our Broadcast SDK. I wrote the system that until recently powered in-game drops, I rewrote our big-data pipeline (including writing  Kinsumer ), I collected two carrots and much more. My most significant achievement, and probably the thing I am proudest of in my career, is founding the Safety Product (now Community Health) org at Twitch. I was the first employee, and I leave it four teams strong with many engineers, product managers, data people, applied scientists and more. Safety is something we care a lot about at Twitch, and I'm happy to have had some impac