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For my next trick, I will harness the POWER OF THE SUN!

In my previous  blog post , I talked about finding a job with a positive impact on the world.  Well, I'm happy to say that on Monday, February 14th, 2022, I will be starting at Sunpower  as the Principal Software Architect(Titles/shmitles, I'll be the most senior IC).  Sunpower is a company going through a pretty significant transition since 2020. They spun off their solar panel manufacturing , then the long-time CEO stepped down  and was replaced by a new CEO Peter Faricy. The New CEO has pushed the company closer towards a residential strategy, and just this week, Sunpower announced it would sell the commercial and industrial business . Additionally, Sunpower has an aggressive plan  to get solar into the hands of historically marginalized communities, and the program includes a strong mandate on D&I. I am very excited to be joining a company going through a transition like this. Additionally, I am more excited to join a company that announces "MW Recognized" in