For my next trick, I will harness the POWER OF THE SUN!

In my previous blog post, I talked about finding a job with a positive impact on the world. 

Well, I'm happy to say that on Monday, February 14th, 2022, I will be starting at Sunpower as the Principal Software Architect(Titles/shmitles, I'll be the most senior IC). 

Sunpower is a company going through a pretty significant transition since 2020. They spun off their solar panel manufacturing, then the long-time CEO stepped down and was replaced by a new CEO Peter Faricy. The New CEO has pushed the company closer towards a residential strategy, and just this week, Sunpower announced it would sell the commercial and industrial business. Additionally, Sunpower has an aggressive plan to get solar into the hands of historically marginalized communities, and the program includes a strong mandate on D&I.

I am very excited to be joining a company going through a transition like this. Additionally, I am more excited to join a company that announces "MW Recognized" in its shareholder updates, proving that for the company to succeed financially, it has to have a positive impact on climate change, not just profit.

This is a new industry for me, and I am sure I will be learning a lot in the days ahead. 

(Note, all links are the first thing I found on DuckDuckGo referencing the events. I am not endorsing specific news sites).


Unknown said…
Good Luck!
I'm sure you will bloom in everywhere you land.
Love your style

Udi - a previous boss of yours

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