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Here is some code I just wrote. I think it's brilliant. I need to think over it a bit more to make it easier but I'm pretty happy with it so I decided to post it here. *Disclaimer* I am definitely not going to be the first person to think of this: template <typename ctorType, typename dtorType> class RiaaWrapper { public: RiaaWrapper(ctorType inCtor, dtorType inDtor) : _inCtor(inCtor) , _inDtor(inDtor) { _inCtor(); } ~RiaaWrapper() { _inDtor(); } private: ctorType _inCtor; dtorType _inDtor; }; You use it like this: class AutoMutex2 : public RiaaWrapper<std::function<TTV_ErrorCode()>,  std::function<TTV_ErrorCode()> > { public: AutoMutex2(ttv::Mutex* m) : RiaaWrapper<std::function<TTV_ErrorCode()>,  std::function<TTV_ErrorCode()> > (std::bind(&ttv::Mutex::Lock, m, ttv::WAIT_INFINITE), std::bind(&ttv::Mutex::Unlock, m)) { } }; And you can ofcourse use it for any