What would you do? Extra bag of groceries.

Today after work I went with my wife and kid to the store. We forgot our reusable bags so the kind lady bagged it for us in plastic. I took all the bags on the counter and went to the car. When we got home my wife discovered that we had an extra bag of stuff. It wasn't much, a box of Smarties; some tofu; a can of ginger ale and another candy bar.

I waited until after dinner and took the bag back. The girl who we had paid at seemed very happy to see teh bag and said she had been looking for it. I didn't think much of this until as walking out the two girls at the counters said to each other "Wow, how honest, I've never had that happen before".

So what would you have done?


P.S. I realize this post might seem a bit like me trying to toot my own horn, and it might subconsciously be that as are most blog posts. At least consciously that is not the reason I posted this


Roger Clark said…
I would've probably added some sort of deadly contaminant to each food product before returning the bag to the store.
Justin Liew said…
I would've returned it unless there was Nando's sauce in the bag, in which case I would've returned it and bought a roasted chicken to eat it with.
Unknown said…
Well brought up, what???

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